Mink lashes, Fiber lashes  and Magnetic lashes

In China factory,Best fake eyelashes mainly include mink eyelashes and synthetic fiber lashes,the difference lies in material. Most factories produce synthetic fiber lashes only,while several factories can produce realMink Fur lashes.

The Korean synthetic fibre is of better quality than domestic material,it’ssofter and the peak is standard with the same black color (you may find most of cheap lashes are with a little white peak).Some good quality synthetic material are made from Korean Synthetic Fiber because Best False Eyelashes should be soft and easy for curls.

High quality synthetic fiber can create very natural fake eyelashes.So,sometimes the factories are producing with good quality korean imported synthetic fiber to mark their products as faux mink fur false eyelashes,and customers also accept these fake eyelashes.

No matter which kinds of material,the lashes are both fully handmade,no machine can completely produce Mink lashes wholesale until now.The real handmade with natural styles strip lashes are welcomed by world beauty stars.And for the young fashion people,they are more and more popular with some  particular styles-Magnetic lashes where to buy.

Best false eyelashes are very hot for Festival,party and dancing club.China Lum Hair provides workshops to support customized package to meetCustomers individualized requests from worldwide market.

ZY3DSD-35 (1)ZY3D-112 (2).jpg3D Magnetic Eyelash 1


Author: Lum Hair

Lum Hair is an eminent Hair Extensions Manufacturers and Virgin hair manufacturers in China , also do Hair extensions sale & Mink lashes wholesale. As professional Hair extensions suppliers,We have been mature in manufacturing and exporting Hair extensions human hair ,All virgin hair, Black hair weave styles, Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions,Curly Clip in hair extensions,Wavy hair extensions,18 inch hair extensions,Halo hair extensions,One piece hair extensions, Tape hair extensions short hair,Best tape in hair extensions;As reliable Wig supplier,You can get Lace wigs for black women,Lacewigsbuy,China lace wigs,Jewish women wigs from us.In addition,Lum Hair also does well in Best False Eyelashes,Best fake eyelashes,Natural eyelash extensions,Cheap eyelash extensions.Lum Hair is also of competitive Eyelash Extensions Cost ,Lash extensions price,Keratin hair extensions cost and Fusion hair extensions cost

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